Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Hello Emmeline...fancy meeting you again...

"Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it." -- Confucius Damn straight Confucius - Amarinda
I decided to go back to the future with the blog serial…what do I mean? If you recall Grasshopper had the purple box coming to life in Louella’s hands on yesterday. Now please read on and see what happens next…

“Holy crap where am I?” One minute Louella was in a generic motel room and now she was…where? In the middle of a forest?

“Who the hell are you?” Asked a tall, warrior-like female.

Louella stared at the woman in amazement “You’re…you’re Emmeline…from the television show.” What the? Louella looked at her with goggled eyed amazement.

“No I’m Emmeline from Gamma Seven.” She levelled her peeler at the suspicious looking woman. “And what is that in your hand?”

“I’m Louella Hawkins and this is a purple box.” She knew the box was special but she had not expected transportation into a fantasy world.

“I can bloody see it’s a purple box, blondie.”

That was such an Emmeline thing to say. “I can’t believe you’re real.”

“Are you on drugs?” That was all Emmeline needed. She already had to put up with the Bobbsey twins and the virgin assassin- and now there was some blonde with a purple box adding to her problems.

“No.” Louella looked around her. Where were Sam and Jonas? “Um, where are we?”

Emmeline flipped the switch on the peeler to stun. “Only a spy would act so dumb. You know exactly where.”

“Oz?” Was there a wizard?

“Who are you working for? Queen Zahara?”

Okay, who was she again? She thought back through the previous TV episodes.
Oh, the nympho queen. “No I’m by myself.”

“Then no one will miss you if you die.”

Oh frig! What to do? She thought rapidly. “If you kill me you will never know the truth about…er…” What could she say to save her arse?
Tomorrow Anny will up ante on as only the Zen queen can. And Molly? See I told you I would bring Queen Zahara back.
Mrs Giggles gave me a 75 out of 100 for The Goddess Within. I can’t remember exactly what that means in her ratings but it’s something like does not suck too badly. Thank you Mrs G. I was disappointed she did not spell the hero’s name correctly but then as we all know, no one is perfect. However I still want to interview you on the blog Mrs G – so drop me a line. I don’t bite…much.
Herbert Jones died. Who was he? Apparently he was a very old and wealthy man. How do I know this? Well I received an email today from a man with an unpronounceable African name in my inbox. It seems I am some long lost relative of Herb’s and the only beneficiary to his vast estate. Well, what do you know? Mr What’s-his-name was emailing me in great urgency to tell me of my good fortune and to ask for my bank account number and PIN number so he could transfer the vast sums of money. Well gee, as much as I would like to give those incredibly personal details. I do not have sucker written on my forehead. I did email back to advise I could provide my shoe size if that helped him any. No reply as yet. I filed the email under ‘b’ for bin. I then flicked through to read that I had been offered vast of quantities of Viagra at varying prices. One hundred tablets can start from $39.95 and go to $69.95. You learn something new every day. And no, I did not take up those offers either for it seemed all too hard…Next – Congratulations Amarinda Jones! You have won the UK Sweepstakes! How lucky am I am the moment? Both money and sex everywhere. I told my best friend Ethel. She said go with the money and decline the sex as it involved too much effort and who had the time? Words of wisdom there.
Excerpt from Song of a Druid Princess - Book 3 in the Garland of Druids series -by Jean Hart Stewart out now through Cerridwen Press. It is a must read.
The next day Gabriel sought out Kate. He found her in the practice room. He stood in the shadows outside the door, listening as she played Brahms First Concerto. He’d give a part of his soul to accompany her on the soaring score. He’d never be a concert pianist again, but he’d find great pleasure playing with Kate. His hand might permit him, but not his conscience.
With a groan, he forced himself forward. Best to get his disagreeable errand completed. He must find the courage to alienate her. Just as he took his first step, she turned away from him and shrieked with seeming delight.
“Vivie! You’re back. Don’t ever, ever do that to me again.”
She evidently heard something he could not, as tears began to roll down her cheeks.
She listened, saying nothing herself, nodding her head at times. She finally buried her face in her hands. Gabe could no more stop himself than he could a surging wave.
He went to her, his hands outstretched.
“Princess! What’s wrong? Can I do anything to help you?”
Once again his stupid arms went around her, and she accepted his hard body pressing against hers.
“Oh, I’m so glad it’s you.” She lifted her face and her spontaneous smile lit his heart. “Everything’s wonderful. I was so startled I think I answered Kate aloud, as well as in my mind. You must think I’m insane.”
She threw her head back and her emerald eyes searched his own. Her long brown lashes were matted with tears, although he could see her face was shining with joy. Her beautiful face, surely one deserving to be painted by a master artist or sculpted by the foremost craftsman of the ages, smiled with joy.
He thumbed some tears off her cheeks with a tenderness he did not try to conceal. He’d break with her later.
“My dear girl, you’d better explain. I have no idea what you mean.”
Kate gave a shaky laugh, but made no attempt to move from his embrace. Suddenly realizing how his arms so sweetly enclosed her, he dropped them and stepped back. She fit against him as if she’d been made for just this one purpose.
She looked puzzled, but used her fingers to comb her auburn hair from her face.
“It’s hard to explain to a non-Druid, but Vivie and I talk a lot in our minds. She’s my twin and we’ve always done this. For the last few weeks Vivie has shut me out, for the first time in our lives. I felt so lost without her. I was overjoyed when I felt her mind opening to me just now I must have called out. Usually our communications are silent.”
Her adorable face looked so anxious and yet so delighted he could say nothing for a long moment. Truth was he didn’t know how to approach this ridiculous statement. She obviously believed in the nonsense she spouted.
“You’re telling me you were having a conversation with your twin and it took place in your minds?
“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.”
“And where is your twin right now?”
“At the clinic in London, of course.”
Her face started to shadow as she saw the pity in his face.
“You don’t believe me. Oh dear, I should have known. Wait. How can I explain. What’s today, August 19th, right?”
As Gabriel nodded his head she exclaimed. “I’ll ask Vivie if anything happened today in London which would soon be in the papers here.”
He watched, but although she closed her expressive eyes she made no motion of her lips. Very soon however, she opened her lids with a look of triumph.
”Vivie says our father just stopped by and told her Afghanistan was granted its independence today from the United Kingdom. Will newspaper confirmation convince you?”
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


anny cook said...

Yep, I knew you wouldn't be able to abandon Emmeline and the boys. Well, let's see what I can do with this...

Kelly Kirch said...

Love the excerpt. Love the return to Emmeline. Looks like Molly gets her way.

My emails are "Get laid in your zip code today" as though I'd get laid elsewhere? I had one yesterday for "become a p*rnstar" and while I'm certain the astrix covers an "o" I'm pretty sure they've never met me. My p*rn credentials are pretty sparce and might even be laughable. Aside from those, like Anny, I get the "penile enhancements" which would be lovely if I had a penile. As I do not, I shall check my other purse just to be certain, I usually decline.

Molly said...

Thanks AJ:) We just haven't seen enough of Queen Z...

My emails all tell me I've won a sweepstakes or something. Yeah, right. First I have to send money...NOT! If I've won something, they should pay ME! Haven't see the viagra one for a while.