Sunday, 16 September 2007

There are pirates among us....

I had a quick chat to Cap’n Slappy who is busy preparing for the annual International Talk Like A Pirate Day. It’s on September 19th. What’s it all about? Why talk like a pirate? Why not?

From the Cap’n....
I can quote no one greater than internationally syndicated Pulitzer Prize winning columnist and novelist, Dave “Bluebarrybeard” Barry when he writes o’ OlChumbucket and meself in reference to our founding International Talk Like a Pirate Day;

“Every now and then, some visionary individuals come along with a concept that is so original and so revolutionary that your first reaction is, ‘Those individuals should be on medication.’”

I asked the captain where can would be pirates buy his and OlChumbucket’s book - So You Wanna be a Pirate? Here’s How.

It should be at any reputable bookstore (if not, ye have me encouragement to complain bitterly to the clerk – especially if ye go well-armed) near ye!

It’s always nice to hear from other authors! Keep up the good work! And keep spreadin’ the word … and the word is “ARRRR!!!”

Best Fishes!

Cap’n Slappy

Thank you Cap’n and a big ARRRR!!! back to you. So, consider spending September 19th talking like a pirate. What's the worse that can happen? Your sanity questioned? Sanity is vastly overrated

I have been gathering the goss on authors Anny Cook – and Kelly from the people who know them best – family and friends. Are they are as normal as they appear to be? What are they hiding? Are they romance divas or devout writers? I believe I will have the lowdown on them on tomorrow’s blog. The truth will out. In the meantime check out Anny’s blog for the latest in Emmeline runs into her estranged husband serial and god only knows what Kelly will come up on Monday when it’s her turn. Maybe I can hold the info I get from a certain brother over her head and she won’t make my head spin with her orange nippled were-bunny people…hmmm, would I do that?

Seducing Celestine – released 2nd November through Ellora's Cave
Warning Will Robinson – the following contains graphic sex.

“Don’t move,” Celestine whispered as she leaned forward and licked Nick from the top of his chest to the edge of his groin and back up again. She smiled as she heard him growl low in his throat. This was better. She had some power now. She started licking his body slowly, stopping every so often to place wet, sucking kisses over his nipples and abs. She licked the Celtic tattoo just above his heart.
“What does this mean?” The intricate knot woven in navy blue was beautiful against the tanned flesh of his skin.
“It is a Celtic heart that has no beginning or end. It symbolizes eternal love.”
“You believe in that?” It was not what she expected of the moonlight man. True, she knew little about him but it seemed wildly romantic for a man who seduced women in the moonlight. It also made her feel strangely warm inside.
“Yeah, I believe that.”
Celestine kissed his tattoo and continued licking down his body to his cock. She stopped and looked at the man beneath her. She grabbed his cock in both hands. She smiled as he groaned. Excellent.
“Shall I suck you until you come or just toy with you a little?” Celestine leant down and licked the head of his cock.
“Oh God,” Nick grabbed her head to pull her closer to his bulging cock.
Celestine pushed him away.
“Don’t touch or I won’t suck you.” The power to drive him insane was hers.
Given that alternative Nick dropped his hands to the bedding.
“I’ll behave for now.”
“Good boy,” Celestine murmured as she licked him slowly up and down the straining shaft, massaging his balls as she went. She could feel under her hands just how on edge Nick was. Perfect. She took his cock into her mouth as far as he would go and sucked down hard.
“Oh baby…” Nick felt like he was going to explode.
Celestine never knew sucking a man could be like this. It was incredibly intimate yet intensely powerful and she liked it. The buck of Nick’s hips let her know he wanted to come. Too bad. She wasn’t going to let him. She took her mouth off his cock and looked at it gleaming in the moonlight.
“Do you want me to ride you moonlight man? Do you want me to grind down on top of you all tight and wet taking every inch of you inside me? “
“God yes!” His hands reached for her hips wanting her on top of him now.
Celestine slid down on his cock feeling his hot hard heat inside her. Damn he felt good. It was a shame to waste that but that’s what she was going to do. The man had to be taught a lesson.
“Oops…I don’t have a condom. I guess we can’t have sex after all.” She lifted off of Nick’s cock and crawled off the bed. Leave her all hot and wanting would he? I don’t think so. Celestine walked toward the door.

What happens next? Someone learns a lesson.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


Kelly Kirch said...

Naughty Celestine. Tsk tsk.

Haven't heard from Quinn yet. I imagine he's busy laughing at the questions. Since I have no fear of what he might say there is no use holding it over my head. Emmeline and her estranged husband are in for a surprise.

anny cook said...

Ooooh, Naughty Nick is gonna find out about karma? Good going...