Thursday, 6 September 2007

The big win...

The amazing characters in Thief of Mine kept me engaged throughout the fast-paced story. Resident bad boy, Kit Kincaid was not humble or modest. He was a self-serving thief who could charm the draws off any woman. Getting to know him was a delicious experience and one I want to repeat over and over again. I pictured myself in Stella’s place and immediately headed for the bedroom. The woman knew what she was dealing with when she signed on for gratuitous sex involving Kit. When they first met, he was pounding a bride on her wedding day. Stella had to give in and I was right there for the mind-blowing ride. The story was sensual as well as erotic, the combination brought goose bumps to my skin. On top of the novel containing hot sex, it had a plot that kept me on edge. There was a plethora of heart stopping action scenes and several dramatic climaxes. Adrenaline swept through my veins. Thief of Mine deserved five stars and an orgasmic rating. I applaud Ms. Jones’ talent and recommend readers buy a copy right away. - Thanks JERR

Okay, tonight I will win the $10 million Powerball. Yes, I know I have said that before but hope springs eternal and desperation and greed goes on forever. Apparently there is a one in nine million chance that any one person will win it. Who makes up these odds? Is it some mathematical boffin who comes up with them to confuse or depress us so we won't play and then they win because the odds shorten? Anyway I cannot see why I cannot be the one out of nine million others. My first action, once I am sober enough to speak clearly, will be to quit work. I don’t understand people who say they will continue to work after winning a gazillion dollars as they would be bored. Bored? How can a gazillion dollars be boring? My friend Svetlana, no, not her real name, said she wouldn’t know what to do if she stopped working. I find it sad that she has nothing else in her life to turn to. Why does work become so important to some people? Yes, I know its all about paying bills but why do we define our lives by our jobs? I deal with a woman who signs all her emails with the title “Executive Sales and Marketing Manager.” She’s not. She’s an office manager like me. But she said it sounds a more important sign off than my normal “Is it Friday yet? best wishes, Amarinda.” She is the sort that will win lots of money and then go back to work. Fate, if you are listening, let me win the money and I swear I’ll appreciate it and only do good things with the money.

Every Thursday morning the garbage bins get collected in my street. And like many Thursday mornings it is only when I hear the sounds of bins crashing against the side of the truck that I think holy snapping ducks! I haven't put the bins out. I then have to race outside in my pyjamas and look up the street to see what bin I should put out. Recycling and normal or just normal? The angst of modern life. I then drag the bin to the curb in time for the garbo(guy in the truck) to roll up to empty them. I always wave at him and he shakes his head. I think he shakes his head because he secretly thinks I am a vision of loveliness in my flannelette pj’s, bed socks and thongs (flip flops) - and not that I am like every other dumb homeowner who forgets bin day.

Anyway, today after the bins were emptied, I looked down and saw a big blue cross spray painted on the grass nature strip in front of my house (grass I don’t own that is on public property).Hmm…I looked up a bit further and saw another cross. No, it was not an alien landing or religious phenomena (I could have made money out of those) - I was going to get two trees out front of my house. I love trees. My front fence is made up of native trees and the back yard is full of them. I have so many trees it affects the reception on my mobile (cell phone). Anyway, as I headed off to work I saw the man with the trees. I stopped the car and applied some charm and got to pick the trees I wanted out front of my house - a Jacaranda (purple flowers) and a wattle (yellow flowers and Australia’s flora emblem). Hey, I pay my council rates. I own those trees and a bunch more I reckon. And what is the point of being a hormonally charged woman if you cannot put those hormones to good use?
Speaking of hormonally charged women - did you read Well of course you did. Did you see what Kelly has done to out blog serial? As for Anny – - the Zen queen leads Grasshopper astray and then I have to pay for it. But, never fear, I have an idea in mind.

Blue Ribbon rating – 5. Thanks Romance Junkies - This is my first book by Ms. Jones and I suspect not my last. THIEF OF MINE was a great read, well thought out with plenty of layers that kept me guessing till the end. I hope that Ms. Jones writes more stories like THIEF OF MINE it in the future.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


anny cook said...

How lovely for you! I love trees. This is the first place that I've lived in thirty years that has trees. That was one of the reasons we picked this apartment complex. There are huge trees all around. So enjoy your new trees!

Kelly Kirch said...

You would think that the council would have saved the money and waited until the rain came back before putting trees on the street. I wonder what they are up to.

And you, AJ, have given me a lovely idea. *grinning wickedly* I'll email you privately...well, you and Anny privately.

Molly said...

I have a pussy willow tree at my old house...when we get back north, I'm going to go dig it up and transplant's grown about a foot since I first planted it 3 or 4 years ago!

Great review, AJ:)