Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Bossy bitch...

Someone told me today that I was’ incredibly bossy’. I am not. I just like things done my way. My theory is that no one is ever wrong – I’m just more correct. I said that to a colleague and he was speechless for a second before replying, “And if I don’t do it your way?” Oh – you don’t want to know - but let’s just say worlds colliding would be easier to deal with. Yes, I am a horrible, controlling, bossy bitch and yet I like it…and yes, he did it my way.

I am bossy to the point that people say “ask Amarinda what to do.” To which I generally say, hands on hips – I am very good at the hand on hips thing by the way as I can make it look real effective and frightening - “well, I can’t be in charge of everything…but do this then that and when you’re finished go and do the other…” Actually I am in charge of everything. Why? Because I say so. It’s quite exhausting.

I listened to myself saying something today and I thought – ‘holy crap, woman, this man can fire your arse out of the building’ – yet I couldn’t stop until I got what I wanted, my way. I think it’s an addiction. I am also very plain spoken and to the point. I see something wrong and I want it fixed. Add bossy and controlling to mouthy and I can be hell on earth. And it’s not a power rush, it’s more – “okay, everything is now my way and the world can resume turning until I decide it can be stopped.” What a pain in the arse huh? Sometimes I truly try and not say anything – just sit and have no opinion at all but it’s like I was born with sergeant-major tendencies and soon I am shooting orders out before I can stop myself and people are scurrying off to do as I decree…okay, I kind of like that. Watching people scurry is fun.

But once, just once, I would like someone to call my bluff and say and mean it - “No, bugger off Amarinda we’re not doing it your way and pulling faces and the hands on the hips thing is not going to work with me.” No one ever does though and when you look at it that way I can’t help that I’m bossy. It’s actually everyone else’s fault.
Yes…that’s it.
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