Thursday, 16 April 2009


Been doing quite a bit of that lately. My boring little world has taken a shaking and I’m not real sure how to deal with it – okay – well, I could do what I normally do – duck and weave and do the avoidance thing but it’s not working – damn it. You know when you’ve been smacked in the face with reality and you think – “huh, that doesn’t fit with everything else I thought I knew so how do I deal with this other than fight it?” Yeah, don’t you hate having to think about things? Life is easy to run on auto pilot – sort of phoning it in if you like.

One thing I have been contemplating is monogamy. Up until just recently I was very black and white on this issue – married or in a committed relationship equals no screwing around or body parts would be lopped in vengeance. Nah, just kidding. Cutting the crotch out of every pair of trousers that a man’s owns is much better retaliation…so I’m told…um…anyway…so I was very fixed on the whole monogamy thing. Yeah, how boring and old fashioned am I? But, I have been dealing with another who made me start to wonder about how fixed I am in things in life. Yes – I absolutely believe you can be attracted by more than one person and that attraction does not stop when you get married or go into the whole ‘we’ll-move-in-together-oh-my-god-is-that-your-sofa-no-way-are-you-keeping-it’ deal. But it would never occur to me to act on that attraction.

So this very free sprit has wandered into my life, started screwing with my mind and made me see lots of things differently from lovers to my writing to every god damn thing I do. I hate that. I am even asking him questions about this and that after denying I even thought he had a point. The monogamy thing? Nah, I still believe if you’re going to tie yourself to someone then don’t screw around as that person deserves better – but I will say I do understand a different point of view. I know he doesn’t read the blog – he’s a doer not a writer - so I will say he is right about some stuff. See? I can be generous and admit I may be, on the odd occasion, possibly not quite correct or maybe just a little too obsessive with my opinion sometimes…you know like on a full moon or something…

here spruiking on about stuff today as I am wont to do – come and check it out or not – your call. I’ll expect you if I see you.
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