Thursday, 2 April 2009

Oh lordy….

It is human nature to think wisely and to act in an absurd fashion -- Anatole France

I was in my get-the-hell-away-from-me-I-am-a-seething-volcano-of-evil-hormones-outfit and this perky individual, who always sets my teeth on edge said, “my, don’t you look pretty, Amarinda.” Well, first up I’ve never looked pretty in my life. I generally aim for clean first and neat second. And I looked liked hell and felt it. See yesterday’s post about the human body being designed by drug addicts.

Anyway, this perky person always comments on how people look. I think she thinks it’s a ‘nice’ thing to do. I think it’s patronizing and I believe you have to judge your audience before you speak. If someone looks like crap and has the temper of a she-devil then I reckon back away – and certainly don’t tell her that her socks do not match and let her ‘outfit down.’ I swear to whichever deity was on rostered, cosmic duty, if I had not been holding an extra large skinny latte I would have snotted her. Why can’t perky people see evil and back away? Or do they think they can cure it?

Yeah, I’m pure evil at the moment…

and stupid with it – I did something so idiotic yesterday…I can’t even talk about it. It was so unlike me that I cannot believe how dumb I was. I would like to blame the hormones but it was pure me. When I get over how stupid it was I’ll talk about it. Maybe…possibly…anyway you know who you are and I didn’t mean it and let’s just stick strictly to business. Business is good.
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