Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Nothing much to tell you….

….I have edits, a book cover to request, hormones from hell, a dislocated toe, a man who rings me up every day with obscene suggestions that make me smile and I just sent him a bunch of scary-this-is-how-terrible-I-can-look-in-the-morning-without-17-cups-of-coffee-photos…it’s like a trial by fire for him – you’re all smart – you know what I mean …I defy any man not to freak out after seeing those…my trainer made me run and jump over things carrying 10 kilo weights yesterday…and yes, he did run away after I threw the last one to the ground because he said I had a look in my eye that suggested I might ‘throw it at his head’ – nah, the man gave me a pretty pink water bottle…he’s a sweetie – a body crippling bastard but a sweetie…that’s it….so much to do, so many people to piss off and freak out…hope you are the same.

But before I go – a question…

….why do other authors that you could not give a rats arse about email you and ‘insist’ you do this and that for them because they need sales…hello? Insist? You need? Yeah you do need manners and ordering me Sunshine gets you zilch. No writer on the planet is guaranteed sales. If you aren’t getting any maybe look at who you are as a person and stop thinking the world owes you something because I can tell you right now…it don’t.
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