Monday, 20 April 2009

The devil inside...

The devil is and always has been a gentleman.”-- Diane LaVey

I made a most interesting deal with the devil. It was fun to do as I put so many provisions and conditions on the deal that it’s highly unlikely to ever come about. But you know what, the chance that it may is exciting. What was the deal? Hmm…best not to say it out loud to tempt fate.

Every so often I love to throw caution to the wind and think ‘what the hell…let’s live real dangerously.' There is something to be said about being reckless. We spend so much of our lives being good and careful and doing the right thing that I reckon we need do something bad to counterbalance that or we’ll shrivel up with boredom. Sure, it may all end in tears and kicking oneself but it will have been one hell of a ride….that’s if I take it…oh the possibilities....

The devil made me do it.” -- Flip Wilson
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