Sunday, 26 April 2009

Oh for god sake...

I wasn’t going to blog again today but page 9 of The Sunday Mail annoyed me…Australia’s entrant in the Miss Universe contest – no, I do not believe in beauty cattle calls – that’s not what beauty is about – it’s an impossible ideal - but apparently according to the plastic powers that be in the Miss Universe world – the Aussie entrant - a Queenslander ( my home state) needs to be ‘refined.’ Why does this stunning woman need refining? Well, she has a ‘Queensland accent.’

“She’s also very Queensland and Queensland has a bit of a different accent. So I think it’s about just trying to refine her accent a little.”

Oh bugger off…we speak lovely in Queensland – but more importantly – this contest hit home to me once more the if you want to be seen as ‘beautiful’ you must conform in all ways to what those who ‘supposedly’ know what beauty is. What a load of crap. These people don’t know their arse from their elbow. People are beautiful because of who they are – voice and all. Wankers.
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