Thursday, 30 April 2009

Very, very nice...and a what the?

For a split second at work it was interesting. We went from dragging our arses around, yawning, bitching and gossiping while making a vague attempt to look like we were working to suddenly awake and alive, our heads popping up meerkat like from over our desk barriers, eyes alight and mouths curved in a smile of excitement. Why? Four luscious firies - fireman - entered the very, very nice for us.

Apparently an alarm had gone off on our work site. Oh yeah? We heard no bells but hey, we’ll all help you check out the premises because suddenly safety is very important to us all. ‘Ever notice how tall and amazingly yummy firies are? The thing is I wonder if they were in civvies - jeans and a t-shirt - would we notice as much? Okay, yeah, we would - we're not dead...but there is that whole man in uniform thing going on when it comes to firies. Big strapping men with hard hats and stuff… did I mention that was very, very nice?

One of my colleagues asked were we being evacuated? We were ready to follow these gods anywhere after a quick lipstick refresh. But alas, they were not there to save our motley crew. Bummer. This was the most disappointing news that we had since the junk food dispenser in the lunch room ran out of Tim Tam fingers.

We watched them leave - sad, desperate women standing in reception, our noses pressed to the glass. Oh, but it was very, very nice for a moment…

Off nice and on to what the…

Riddle me this…I am yet to work out why on an “author only” loop why other authors have to tell an audience of authors how good they are. What’s that about? It’s probably a bloody good bet that we’re not going to read their book so why try and convince us? Shouldn’t these authors be off pedalling their cookies somewhere else? My understanding of “author only” loops is the free trade of useful information and not a sales pitch to the disinterested. How is that useful to any of us? Yeah, you can email me with the reason…
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