Friday, 1 May 2009

Power up...

Over the last week or so I have been noticing men, noticing me. Now, when I say this I must add that although I look at men – well duh – it never occurs to me that they are always looking at me. Why? Well, while I love me a lot, I’m pretty average to look at. I know that – I’m realistic. I’ve been with me a long time….but I still love me…did I mention that? Anyway, so it’s been strange to suddenly notice men looking at me. Actually, I am very much like the heroines I write. They’re always the last to work it out as well…forehead slap…

My obscene phone caller/text message man – see previous blog about this wonderful, sexy nuisance – believes it’s all to do with him. Uh – huh…men – up themselves or what? His theory is that because I am soooooo interested in him, I am naturally giving off some weird pheromone that is attracting men. I see. My question to him was – why do I need you then? You know – if I am suddenly attracting the male of the species – what’s the point of keeping you on? Apparently I just do need him and although I am certainly at liberty to do something with someone else I am not to do it. Hmm…aren’t men cute when they’re out of their depth?

So now, I’m thinking the man looking at my arse in the gym – I saw him in the mirror – this morning was not appalled and unable to drag his eyes away in that way people have when stunned by a train wreck – but may have been looking for other reasons. I’m thinking the gym is working for me – and no, not pheromones-induced-by-another thing but I have to tell you I give him 8 out of 10 for plausible-yet-bullshite story. Why am I telling you all this? Because sometimes the smallest things can lift your spirits when you least expect it. Take a look around…maybe a second look – and perhaps even go for a third - maybe it is you they are looking at. Use that power. Feel good about yourself.

Speaking of power - I saw this clip today at the gym - - you gotta love Anastasia…that woman is empowered.
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