Monday, 4 May 2009


LONDON (Reuters) - Britain said Saturday it would raise the case of a pregnant British woman, who faces the death penalty in Laos if convicted of drug smuggling, when its foreign minister meets the Laotian deputy prime minister next week.

Britain would do what it could to ensure Samantha Orobator, 20, would not face the death penalty if found guilty at the upcoming trial and provide consular help.

British legal charity Reprieve said she was carrying 0.6 kg (1.3lbs) of the drug, an amount that exceeded the statutory minimum for the death penalty in Laos.

Excuse me – but how fucking stupid would you be to take any drugs into any country? What the hell is wrong with these people? Having travelled the world quite a bit I know for a fact there are warnings everywhere you turn about narcotics. If you are dumb enough to do it and you get caught and have to face the laws of that particular country then I cannot see how you believe you should be shown any more mercy than any other bugger. Think before you travel. Just because you are white and from a developed country does not mean you have any more rights than anyone else. No, I don’t think she should be sentenced to death but I damn well think she need to learns a hard lesson – not that I think anyone else of the same stupid ilk will get it. Honest to god who breeds these people?
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