Sunday, 17 May 2009

In the news….


LONDON (Reuters) - A sexually suggestive Venus figurine with oversized breasts and thighs dates back at least 35,000 years and shows ancient humans had sex on their minds, researchers said Wednesday.

The figurine's enlarged breasts, bloated belly and thighs also make clear that sexual symbolism was alive and well tens of thousand of years ago…

Kind of funny when you think about it. If you believe the fashion gurus, the features described above are anything but signs of sexual symbolism. Funny how life always comes back full circle. Ever noticed how figurines of emaciated waifs, those we are ‘supposed’ to admire and strive to be, are never dug up? Funny about that. Proof once more that big thighs, hips, bums and boobs have ruled for centuries and women should be women and not shaped like men with a vagina.


Right now, I am believing God for your freedom from financial pressure, so much so that I have set May 25 as the Debt Cancellation Day of Prayer.

There are special seasons of anointing for debt cancellation. This is one of them. If you want to be part of this extraordinary season, trigger the process by releasing your faith through sowing a sacrificial seed toward the Gospel.

What a load of crap…this evangelic nitwit is in Australia now preying on the vulnerable who are suffering all sort of medical emergencies. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, he plans to rid all true believers of debt. How? Pretty simple – you give him ‘seed’ money and pray a lot and…and well, I don’t know after that. It all seems a little vague…but I can surmise. This guy will laugh his arse off all the way to the bank and those who were gullible enough to give him money on the mistaken belief that May 25th will provide some miracle will forgive him because he’s only preaching God’s word and he does send you tacky Jerusalem candlestick holders after all. If you are that much in debt and you have some ‘seed’ money may I suggest you buy food, pay a bill and live without the candlestick holders. This man gives religion a bad name and it angers me that leeches like this prey on those who want to believe in something. Wanker.

Watch the beak fella…

A sexually-frustrated male emu is chasing a woman in the Northern Territory because it cannot find a female mate.

Hmmm…makes you wonder don’t it? Is some romance writer even now already writing an emu-shifter book? Emo Emu anyone?
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