Monday, 25 May 2009

Pulp fiction...

So I was at the gym doing this exercise that was hard and painful on my thighs. Why was I doing it? Why am I doing anything of late? I really don’t know…I just am. Anyway, it’s an exercise where your hands are free so I grabbed a magazine and read that for 15 minutes while I tortured my legs. Two articles caught my attention –

1. Revenge Porn – you and your lover are filmed having sex. It’s supposedly a mutual, fun thing to do and you in theory love/are besotted with each other so it’s not like anyone is ever going to see your cellulite and his dangly bits but you two. But what if you break up and it’s really nasty? Apparently it is a big business to put personal sex tapes on the internet to teach you ex-lover a lesson. And it’s mainly men who do this. Somehow they get some thrill out of humiliating their ex-lover by showing her all naked and vulnerable to a world wide audience. I have to wonder at men like this. Surely the woman would feel the most humiliated just having everyone know she slept with such a spineless, small balled twit. The naked stuff would be easier to get over. I understand revenge but have some class about it. Putting it on the internet? I can’t see any woman ever wanting to date/sleep with a man who was found to have been obnoxious enough to do this…and did I mention it’s mainly men in their early twenties that are the culprits? Figures…

2. Writing your list for the perfect man. Huh? We need a list? How dumb is that? Besides, I don’t do lists. The best I can do is sticky notes which I tend to lose. I choose to believe I have a fantastic mind that recalls everything so why do I need a list? No, I don’t recall everything. If I did I wouldn’t lose the sticky notes with vital info on them. Anyway – all women – according to some magazine guru - are supposed to have a list of 10 attributes of “the man of their dreams.” I don’t have this list but then I tend to live in reality and not dreams. I don’t believe you can write down a grocery list of attributes for a man then go to aisle number 12 or 13 and find him, price tag him and take him home. No man is ever going to be everything you want in a man. It’s not possible so why limit yourself to what you think you want? Maybe something like a little quirkiness is good and maybe you left that off your list. Can you take a man back for an exchange or is he considered used? Hmmm, the magazine never mentioned this bit.

What worries me is people believe magazine psychology. There are no perfect people. Most people are only going to be 5 or 6 out of 10 on a ‘list’ and most times that’s okay and to think otherwise is idealistic and foolish. Perfection is vastly overrated. As for revenge porn - my belief is only complete and utter wankers do that. As for magazines – read ‘em but don’t believe ‘em.
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