Thursday, 14 May 2009

Red me up…

‘Had my hair done last night. I walked into the Salon - swish sounding but it's just a shop about a block from my house - and...let’s call her... Zoe …shrieked when she saw me. Zoe is the salon owner and she only ever fills in on rare occasions. I like Zoe a lot - except I refuse to let her cut my fringe (bangs(?)) as she always cuts it too short and I look like a five year old. She thinks fringes should be short and always says “what are you hiding from?” Nothing, I just don't want to pluck my eyebrows and I wouldn’t be me without hair in eyes. Anyway, she shrieked because firstly she had not seen me in ages and secondly my hair was its 'natural' colour and "bloody hell that really suits you,” she said. I know - who knew what you were born with was correct for you? I had gone back to natural brown for a while because I had run out of time to sit for a couple of hours to get the whole red streaks thing done on a regular basis. Anyway we discussed the natural look for a while before we both agreed to slather my hair with intense red dye and foils once more. Actually Zoe wanted me to go blonde but I just wasn’t feeling have to be don’t you?

One of the many things I like about Zoe is that she can talk non stop in a breathless way and she looks all agog and sprinkles the conversation with 'oh shut up' when she thinks something is amazing. She was appalled when I told her how I dry my hair at the gym after a shower before going to work. "Oh shut up- you do not!" Well, shut up I do. You know the automatic hand dryers that blow warm air? I turn the nozzle around and use that ala Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan - well, it's the same principle isn’t it as a blow dryer.

Zoe has a never ending chocolate supply that we all munch on and she provides wine and beer as she wanders around cutting and colouring. Basically we're all happy and drunk. One thing about Zoe. She thinks she is a great painter. She's not - her artwork like to call it challenging. She likes that description. It's one that could mean anything and frankly trying to think about something nice to say about her work is a challenge. I try not to drink much wine while I'm there just in case I become suddenly truthful and blurt out how I really feel about her paintings – which adorn the shop. But I guess it's all about beauty being in the eye of the beholder isn't it?
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