Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Why romance sucks for romance writers…

1. You spend too much time on it
2. It’s too real – there is no fantasy to fall back on
3. You can’t add things or delete bits
4. It’s always messy
5. Too much thought is involved – nothing flows – there are no page breaks
6. You can’t get any writing done
7. Chocolate doesn’t taste as good
8. Wishing and dreaming belong in a Disney movie
9. Way too much money is spent on underwear and not enough on popcorn
10. You make plans when you’ve never made plans before – suddenly you’re not making it up as you go along
11. You have all this great dialogue in you head but can’t use it ‘cause it’s too personal
12. Your keyboard gets dusty from lack of use
13. You can’t remember what work-in-progress you’re supposed to be progressing on.
14. If you are writing, you keep typing his name and not the characters name
15. You have to continually re-think your point of view
16. Love cannot be concluded neatly in 50, 75 or 100 thousand words or probably a gazillion
17. You are never in control of the plot
18. Life gets so complicated that if it was a book you wouldn’t read it as it would make your head hurt.
19. Concentration is shot to hell
20. You would rather do edits than deal with romance

In conclusion…don’t do it…steer clear of it…write a book instead and get back to eating chocolate.
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