Sunday, 24 May 2009


Finished my Aussie book submission. All my books are set in Australia but this submission was specific. It had to be a very real Aussie book – not the sanitized ones you get that are pseudo Aussie – lingo and all. Strangely enough, some people can’t understand us Aussies sometimes when we speak full strine. The book took some time as I had to do a glossary because without it, no matter how many times you have seen Crocodile Dundee, you would have had stuff all idea what I was talking about. But it’s done and gone to my long suffering editor who will read it and bang her head on the desk and say “why doesn’t she listen to me? It’s ‘who’ not ‘that’ and there are two people yet there five hands and he cannot be doing that to her unless he is a seven foot tall contortionist with delusions of grandeur.” Oh well…’never said I was perfect…

Someone gave me a bunch of daisies. It was such a sweet thing to do and it meant a great deal to me. Daisies are my favourite flowers. I’ll tell you a secret – I would prefer a bunch of daisies to a diamond. Uh oh - did you hear that? It sounded like the rumble of great thunder. A bunch of Jones women, all dead and gone, rolled over in their graves in horror. I guess I’ll have some explaining to do when I get to hell.

Have a good Sunday. I’m going to have to clean up after the flood we had in Brizzie. Most of the water has gone and the mud – yes lovely – is all dried up and easier to deal with. Luckily, I fared pretty well. I feel for those buggers who didn’t. Sometimes life is so bloody random and unfair that you have to wonder what the cosmic plan is or if some cosmic deity just got drunk and thought – what the hell – let’s screw with their lives.

Before I go to the gym and run and jump and sweat a lot…the things we do…something I don’t understand - “Funniest Home Videos” – I don’t get how someone being in pain is funny…or why friends and relatives would try to profit from it but filming the pain…please explain.
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