Thursday, 21 May 2009

Wet, wet and annoying…

It’s been bucketing down with rain in Brizzie. That’s pretty unusual. It’s not a sight we see often. Because of this and the ground being so hard and dry, it’s caused flooding and chaos and wonder of wonders we got to bugger off home early from work due to street closures. Actually there was a moment there when I thought I would miss out on going home early because I live in a high ground suburb. Head slap – how foolish of me to opt for safety when I bought the house. When others were all tearing off because they lived out in the boonies or low lying areas, I rued the ‘Heights’ part of my suburb name.

But then a miracle happened, to save me from the file culling from hell…you have no idea how sick of the alphabet I am at the moment. Why do there seem to be 27 different ways to file Mc, Mac, Le, La, De? Or is it just because the previous person, who had a stick up her arse and put all the files together, couldn’t alphabetize like a normal person or used some system from the planet anal. I firmly believe more people should sing the alphabet song when they file. If they did then I suspect there would be world peace ….just a thought…and it wasn’t just the alphabet driving me mad. It was the phone. I swear, in my job, there are people – men - who like to – either - A - drive me mad because they can or - B – are not very bright and do the exact opposite of what I have just discussed with them.

Anyway…where was I?...alphabet….rain…road closures…living on high ground…okay – yep - so I was thinking ‘holy crap I have to deal with LMNOP and XYZ and really just want to POQ (piss off quick) home.' And then the boss wandered over. “You should go home too.” I almost kissed him.

And it was good I left when I did as it was a hell of a trip home. It never occurred to me – well it hasn’t flooded in yonks – that to get to my house I have to pass through all the low lying areas to get to the Heights. Well duh. There’s nothing like driving into vast expanses of water and wondering how deep they are. When I got home and surveyed the flooded areas I winced. Bummer. I decided to avoid clean up until the weekend as there is more rain on the way. I’m also very good at avoidance. Ask anyone. Maybe I’ll avoid the alphabet tomorrow…and the phone...and the email…and men and I’ll just sit at my desk and write sex and give people the evil eye. Now, there’s a plan….

And how sweet is this. I messaged my gym trainer Hugh and said I would not be in due to flooding. He sent one message to say ‘be careful’ and then another to remind me if I had to clean up remember to use ‘my excellent squatting technique.’
It’s all in the thighs, baby…
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