Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Stuff happens...

So I dragged my arse off yesterday to see the work physio. Work has one due to the factory in the other part of the building. When you venture down into the factory you get to wear a lovely fluoro orange vest, safety glasses (which cut into the bridge of my nondescript nose – it’s just there), ear plugs – what did you say??? And – steelcapsok, I love my steelcaps. I like knowing I can kick a door open any time I want. No, I haven’t but I’m prepared and that’s 80% of life.

Anyway, I went to see the physio to check out if I had done more damage to my toe when I hurt it and pulled it back into joint, a week or so ago. It’s bloody sore and I am scoffing down the devil’s smarties = painkillers and ‘smarties’ are the equivalent to M & M’s. Anyway she said "you can go and have an x-ray but I can tell you by the look and feel of it your toe is broken." Excellent. That could explain the limp. Good news is I did a good job relocating it when it dislocated…I am considering taking that up as a profession.

But life goes on and this is why you have frozen vegetables in your fridge – you don’t eat them – you put your toe on them to de-swell it – okay de-swell may not be a word but what’s one more made up word in life? Anyway…the point of my blog? Things happen – changes occur – inconveniences are common and yet we all move on. There are no ‘plots’ in life, there are no ‘I’m being picked on’ moments – it’s just life and it happens. The toe thing has once more reinforced a couple of things to me - despite friends advice – I’m not going to slow down my life to avoid things happening. What’s the point of living at half speed – and two – buy more frozen veggies…oh, and like the picture above – sometimes a banana in a pocket is just a banana so treat it as such until it’s proven otherwise.
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