Monday, 18 May 2009

Who are you?

Yes, this is me in writer mode…no, I haven’t been in, I’m not on drugs. Yes, I do have thin lips and no make up on. And no, I usually don’t wear glasses. Yes, I suppose I could scare small dogs and make men cry. Why am I showing you this very plain 'bare bones' photo? Well, it’s a long, involved story but mainly it’s somewhat of a dare and I am never one to pass one of those up.

I guess what the dare is really about is putting yourself out there no matter how crap you look or think you look. There are some people I know who are the most amazing people on the planet – true, strong, determined, smart and funny – and yet what someone thinks of their outward, physical appearance deters or paralyses them from enjoying themselves or from walking into a room and taking command when they are the most fascinating person there. I think that’s kind of sad. I’m no beauty. You can see that - but I’m me and I’m okay with that. I’ll strive to get things and do stuff regardless what anyone thinks about how I look. Hells bells look at Susan Boyle, the Scottish woman who kicked arse with her singing ability. Isn’t it about time we stop judging others – and more importantly ourselves for how we look?

To everyone out there who worries about meeting people – “what will they think of the way I look?” I say this to you. You are a Queen. There is no one like you. You may not be the most beautiful but you are unique. And let’s face it beauty fades but confidence and believing in yourself kicks beauty’s scrawny size 4 arse any day. If someone makes you feel less for how you look – fuck ‘em – that’s their problem.
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