Friday, 15 May 2009

Prince Vampire....

For all those who have asked, here is the next vampire instalment – Prince Vampire. There is another vamp book that follows this one called Run the Gantlet – yes ‘gantlet’ is correct – trust me - that releases in July. The blurb…yes, beware, I have been naughty again and used ‘fuck’ in the blurb… oh and cock…

The blurb…

After reading about a sexy vampire prince and his search for his true love, Aureliann O’Neal is on fire with need. The sexual tension on the pages matches her own deep desires. She wants to be skin to skin with the vampire prince. In her lust filled need for him to fuck her, Aureliann calls out to the dark hero.

Prince Valdemar has been waiting for the true love of his life to summon him. Only she can feed his many hungers. When he answers Aureliann’s call, his cock is on red alert. She is the one. Valdemar knows every luscious inch belongs to him and he will stake his claim.

The excerpt…adult concepts…

Prince Valdemar’s hand stroked his long, thick, shaft as the water ran down his body. His cock jumped with tension as he fisted it and milked it slowly, his head flung back, his long hair sleek and wet against his body. The loud groan that wrenched from his lips was one of pure and utter aggravation.
Aureliann O’Neal turned the page of the book and sighed. She could picture so clearly in her mind the sight of the naked Prince as he fisted his penis in the shower to remove tensions within. Her own fingers moved down under her panties to between her legs to massage her clit as she read on, visualizing in her mind the wet sheen of the taut muscles of ass and shoulders. She knew of his frustration. It was spelled out very clearly in the pages of The Vampire’s Kiss. Aureliann had the same feelings. It was a longing to find true love. The hunger for that one person who knew your needs like no other. No book had ever made her feel so lonely and needy before.
“Where is she?” His hand pumped faster and his powerful thigh muscles clenched as he looked for release. “I cannot go on without her.”
“Oh boy, I am here just waiting for you, my lord.” Aureliann’s hand moved faster as she spread her legs further apart. She was so hot and wet that she knew it would take nothing to make her come. “If only I had you.” She wanted to feel his hands on her body and his cock surging hard within her. It was something she knew she could not have but then the best dreams always were.
Valdemar growled in frustration as a milky jet shot forth from his cock and disappeared in the water. He shook and shuddered as he pumped his shaft dry. His despair could be heard throughout the land.
“Oh, what a waste,” she moaned as she came under her own hand. Aureliann knew all about despair and need. “Please bring me Prince Valdemar.”
“Please bring her to me.”
“Snap.” If only life was a book.

Yeah….if only…

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