Saturday, 4 April 2009

Who rules? Drake does….

I would just like to say men are the most odd creatures…

On to other stuff that makes more sense…

Drake’s Rules – by author and good mate Barbara Huffert is out now at Cerridwen Press. This is just the sweetest, most romantic excerpt I have read in a long time and I am not one to go ‘awww’ over things. Nor do I get all warm and fuzzy about stuff…okay – I do fuzzy but that’s only when I really need to shave my legs… anyway – back to sweet, soulful romance – you want it? This book has it. Click on the cover to buy. You will not regret it. It’s a real ‘awww’ book.

Drake’s Rules – the excerpt.

“Not a chance. Now back to my question. You haven’t answered yet.”
“Hmm.” Megan stroked his shoulder as one song blended into the next. “Do I want to be seduced?”
“That’s the one. Perhaps I should be more specific. So there’s absolutely no misunderstanding. What I should have asked is do you want to be seduced now by me?”
“Now. By you. The best-looking man here who just happens to be my date. The one who looks like he stepped right out of every girl’s fantasy in that dinner jacket you’re wearing. You know, I used to think those formal white jackets made all guys look like waiters. You, however, are so handsome my knees get weak every time I look at you. Goes to show you what I know.”
“Thank you, sweetheart. You’re very flattering but you still haven’t answered my question.”
“I know. I’m stalling because I’m enjoying this part so much that I’m not ready for it to be over.”
Drake chuckled. “Neither am I. I wasn’t going to drag you straight to bed if you say yes. Think adult male seduction with extended foreplay, not teenage boy race to the finish.”
“Oh,” Megan’s breath caught at his sensual smile. “Sorry. Guess my lack of experience is showing again.”
“I can’t comment since part of me does want to rush like a greedy teenager.”
Megan kissed his cheek. “Thanks for saying that. Part of me does too.”
“Is that a roundabout way of saying yes?”
She shrugged. “Since you were so clear with the question, shouldn’t I be equally clear with the answer?”
“Please.” Drake forced himself to breathe.
“All right, Drake. Since you asked so nicely then yes, let’s seduce each other.”
“Megan,” he whispered against her lips. The song changed again as the kiss lengthened. Though it remained gentle, it was as potent as it would have been if they’d forgotten where they were and let it turn more passionate. When it ended, Drake urged her cheek to his shoulder. “Picture this. We’ll stay here until the band takes a break. Then we’ll go to my place and turn on something soft so we can dance in the moonlight.”
“On your balcony.”
“Yes. But we’ll light a few candles inside first, so we don’t have any interruptions later.”
“And we’ll kiss too?”
“Definitely. Lots of kissing. All kinds of kissing.”
“All over?”
“Everywhere. At some point we’ll move to the bedroom so we can undress each other while we continue to dance.”
“And kiss.”
“And kiss. We’ll also be caressing each other. I love your soft skin as much as I love to feel your hands on me.”
“Drake,” she sighed into another kiss. “Then what?”
“Then, when we’re both so overwhelmed with desire that we’re trembling, we’ll lie on the bed. We’ll take our time. We’ll touch and kiss until our skin is tingling with anticipation. When we’re ready, I’ll cover you with my body as you urge me between your thighs.”
“I’ll feel you pressing against me, hesitating so we both have a chance to change our minds. But I won’t. I’ll open up even more to show you how much I want you.”
“I’ll see it in your eyes. Without saying a word, you’ll arch your back so your nipples graze my chest. You’ll be so wet.”
“And you’ll be so hard.”
“Slowly, very slowly, slower than you ever thought possible I’ll slide into you.”
“Slowly, yes but you won’t stop until you’re all the way in. You’ll stretch me as you go so you fit but I’ll be so tight around you that I’ll feel every bit of your, uh, your…”
“Say it, Megan. Tell me what your beautiful pussy is going to be wrapped around,” Drake whispered harshly as he licked her ear.
Megan shivered. “Ooh.” She titled her head in invitation. “Your cock.”
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