Sunday, 12 April 2009


…I think you really have to be in the mood to write it – and I don’t mean candlelight, soft music and a glass of red wine. It’s more about being focused, determined and sitting on your arse and making two characters come together in a believable way. It’s about putting four hands in the right places without suddenly realizing a fifth hand has appeared. Recently a gentleman argued the point with me that you cannot write sex just sitting at a computer – that was it too clinical, too logical, too safe. You had to do it. Well hell honey, you can’t write it flat on your back under a man either for where do you put the lap top…unless you are on top, with it resting on his chest, but I venture many a man would not take kindly to you stopping every minute to see where his hands were, measuring the length of his cock – possibly shaking your head because you visualized the hero longer and thicker - asking him how he felt, what you felt like against his skin or getting him to alternate between fast and slow so you could describe the feeling. Now that would be clinical.

Actually, this same gentleman pointed out to me something that had never occurred to me before…well why would it…I don’t have a penis…anyway, he said going ‘commando’ was not really a ideal preference for a man. How did we get into this discussion? It’s a very long story but basically it eventually came down to the fact that a lot of romance heroes drop their strides (trousers) and their penis is all ready to – er - go. This gentleman pointed out that going commando makes sitting an issue and not many men prefer it. Huh…right – I never thought of that before. Don’t you have the most interesting conversations sometimes when you least expect it?

But I digress – sex – it’s hard – it should be if it’s done right. So what is the point? Well there is always one with sex, but in this case – it’s about making yourself knuckle down and write regardless how you feel…and now I have to re-think the whole commando deal…it’s hard being a writer some times.

Other news…

I picked up another contract…proof that I do not completely suck – and I had a wild Scorpionic moment – I love it when they happen as they are my true self – and decided to ditch sending the NY proposal thing in and write as I have always done and let the cards fell where they may…life is way more exciting that way.
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