Friday, 24 April 2009

There is this man…

….he is most annoying smart arse I have ever met – yet he’s also sweet and sexy. I want to slap him and kiss him and do baaaad things with him then yell at him for making me do stuff. He has the best voice. He rings me up in the middle of work and makes the most arousing suggestions and I can’t answer because everyone is listening to me and my tongue gets all tied. I want him. I don’t want him. I push him away. He stays where he is. I deny feeling anything. He says he understands. What? I don’t even understand. He screws with my mind. He emails me more vivid suggestions of ‘things to do’ and I can’t but help respond in the same vein. Lust is a wondrous thing.

So I have been throwing some caution to the wind of late. Its sheer madness of course as this won’t last. It’s not meant to. It’s like some crazy virus that we both have and it’ll go away once we wear ourselves out…but oh, its been so much fun…I haven’t felt this much in years…hoping you are the same….
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