Sunday, 19 April 2009

Ocker up….

I was asked a while back, along with some other Aussie authors, to do a story for a possible Aussie Anthology – they wanted us to actually write Aussie words and have a story with a true Aussie flavour.Struth-stone the crows – holy dooley–you little ripper-that’s ace. I spend most of my writing time trying not to be my normal Aussie self as some people have no bloody idea what I’m saying. Anyway, this project appears to be going ahead so I am ockering up-cobber-bewdy-sheila-mate-Bruce to speak the Aussie-strine lingo.

My editor is an Aussie. It’s hard for her editing me because words that are common, everyday speak to both of us have to be put into Yankee-pseudo-Aussie speak and sometimes real Aussie words with definite strine flavour sneak through. This becomes a problem when the FLE - final line editing person - gets the edited version and thinks what the hell is this Aussie shelia crapping on about? Okay – so she wouldn’t say exactly that – usually its comments like ‘huh?’ or ‘what?’ or ‘what are you trying to say?’ It’s a bugger when that happens because then I then have to work out how to have the same tone and meaning while keeping it Aussie yet making it understandable for a wider audience. I am pleased when I get comments back from readers and reviewers saying they like the Aussie flavour because it means some of who I am has come through the whole process.

I love being an Australian and everything about our culture. It’s hard to suppress who you are and I don’t agree with suppression but I understand the need for it sometimes…sorta. So I am going to have a bit of fun with this book and see is anyone understands it.
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