Tuesday, 28 April 2009

To cleave or not to cleave…

I tried this swimsuit on – normally I would say I tried some cozzies on but you would probably have no idea what a cozzie was so I will say a swimsuit for those with less colourful languages. Anyway, I loved the boardshort type shorts – short but they covered what I wanted covered – excellent. Then I tried on this halter neck tankini top – it actually look pretty damn good too – I was quite surprised…however…and there is always one – there was a hell of a lot of cleavage on display – yikes! While in all likelihood I would wear a t-shirt over the top of my cozzies – er, swimsuit – due to the fact I burn really fast and skin cancer is no friend of mine - the whole cleavage thing had me wondering. Do I have enough guts to carry this off?

While I am pretty bloody daring, the thought of that much boobage on display and the possibility it may explode out of the cups it was positioned in, at any moment, and maybe knock someone’s eyes out, was scary. It made me wonder about people who have mega cleavage always on display. Is it that they’re incredibly confident, are the securely taped in or do they not care if they blacken an eye with a projectile nipple?

And to be honest, I don’t want to see that much of me on display. I know what I’ve got. I don’t want to see it out there – so to speak. So I decided against the halter neck as I didn’t want to hurt someone and no, I don’t have the type of courage to let it all hang out. Some things, to my mind, are better left to the imagination and boobs once spilled are not forgotten.

**Cozzie = swimming costume

here – I dedicate this to the Frog Queen – I have never doubted your perseverance, persistence and strength. We owe you more than you will ever realize.
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