Monday, 6 April 2009

I demand answer….

So, I was reading my runes today – you know – those stones with symbols on them that are supposed to give you insight into your life…they’ve been around since day dot…anyway I wanted to know what was going to happen with something in particular my life. Confused with life events? Take a stone out of a red velvet bag and confuse yourself further. What did the runes tell me? That the outcome was unknown and that I should trust my judgment and I would be where I had to be. Well, hells-bloody-bells I was looking for ancient spiritual wisdom. I don’t want to rely on my own judgment. And where exactly do I have to be? How much petrol money does it require? Do I need to bring lunch? Can I have a hint? I want an easy answer handed to me on a plate. You know – do this – don’t so that – go there, wear red knickers not blue and make sure you have your get out of jail free card with you.

Disappointed in the runes, like any rational person in search of the truth, I then read my tarot…oh-for-god-sake – what is it today? The cards basically told me to wait, stand still, assess what I want and move forward. Uh huh…where to? Is forward good? Would sideways be better? You know, sort sneak up on the problem and attack it. Give me an answer. I don’t want to deal with this on my own. I want someone to blame when I screw it up.

Not one to give up – I read my horoscope – Scorpio - apparently I am going through a confusing period in my life. No shit Batman – really? But apparently, if Cosmic Katie is to be believed, at the end of the week I will have news regarding a certain situation. I don’t want to wait until the end of the week. I’ll have done something stupid by then. I can feel it in my bones. I’m good at stupid.

So, why do I, a capable woman of the world dabble in these arts? I don’t really know. I believe there are cosmic forces in play in our lives. I believe certain situations are placed in out paths to test us. I just really wish they wouldn’t all happen at once.

I know I am going to do something really dumb today. How? I just know me. It’s how I handle situations when I am put on the spot as I am now.

Maybe I should do the I-Ching before I go to work…
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