Tuesday, 21 April 2009

I don't understand...

…it seems every email I get or blog I read, someone has a book trailer they want you to look at. It’s almost like a cult. I don’t really get the point of book trailers. If you had a massive reading audience then maybe but even then I tend to think people would buy your books because they like your books. And have you noticed all the trailers look the same? Generally it’s just close up of the book cover shown over and over and over again – the hero’s chest in close up, his left nipple – then pan out to see his chest – then focus on his right nipple – then pan around the cover to his thigh, his big toe, his left ear – and oh yeah then let’s take a close up of the woman he’ll have sex with - while words are displayed on the screen telling you what is the story in supposedly seductive language. Why not just say “look at the man’s pecs, isn’t he pretty, buy the book, it’s got sex in it.” It’s about as subtle. Yeah – you know my email address…

…what is it with people sending you photos of body parts on your mobile (cell) phone? Huh? I don’t understand it. I got one today at work – not the most conducive place. Mind you it was meant to be disruptive. It was something very specific that was designed to make me think. Yes, I knew who it belonged to and it was kind of hard not to look at it. Why would you photograph yourself like this? Apparently it’s fun and titillation….oh, and the camera ‘slipped’. I was asked to reciprocate with a “photo of left breast.” I sent the picture above. Well, he never mentioned my actual breast….How many women would do that?

…why do people insist you follow some dumb arsed rule they have never told anyone else about in 3 years – ok, maybe it is written somewhere - then when you give in to their whining because it’s like an ice pick through your ear – they make no effort to follow the rule themselves. I had that happen today. The overnight mail “must” be ready at 3:30pm to be picked up at 3:30pm by the courier, in a certain place or the world will end. We left at 4pm and the mail was still sitting in the certain place so if the world ends I know who we can blame. This is why I don’t follow rules. They’re stupid.
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