Sunday, 26 July 2009

Call me madam…

"If I was to make my living as a madam, I could not be concerned either with the rightness or wrongness of prostitution," she wrote, "considered either from a moral or criminological standpoint. I had to look at it simply as a part of life, which exists today as it existed yesterday... The operation of any business in contingent on the law of supply and demand, and if there were no customers, there certainly would be no whorehouses. Prostitution exists because men are willing to pay for sexual gratification, and whatever men are willing to pay for, someone will provide."-- Polly Adler – read more about this fascinating woman on the link below.

A friend…let’s call her Alix… and I were discussing if we couldn’t win the lotto, our dream sequence, but were given the choice to pick any job to do, which job would we choose? I must point out that ‘world domination’ was ruled out as an unacceptable choice. We both wanted that position but neither wanted to fight the other for it…yet. Alix likes horses so she wanted to own a stable of them and race them for big $$. Me? I’d like to run a brothel.

Why a brothel? They have fascinated me from the moment I read Polly Adler’s “A House Is Not A Home” as a kid and then Sidney Biddle Barrow’s “Mayflower Madam.” These women saw a business opportunity and took a chance on running a brothel. And you can be as moralistic as you like but we all know prostitution has been around forever and it’s a business. Sex is a business. Writing erotic romance is a business. If you do it by choice and free will, then I would suggest you are selling sex as a working girl does. It’s about catering to a need. People want to have sex and read about sex – ipso fact- it’s a business – pure and simple and there’s nothing wrong with that if you do it because you choose to.

I’m very good with managing money hence the reason I would be good at running a brothel. And men? Men are easy to work out when it comes to sex. Women are more complicated. We want quality not quantity. So catering to men is not hard. It’s the whole in and out thing with them. So, it’s all about selling them what they want. And let’s not forget customer service. I’ve been doing that for years. I can deal with the most aggressive to the most passive customer. I have been screamed at, threatened, cried on, flashed and propositioned. There ain’t nothing that can shock me any more. I would be a fantastic Madam.

So yeah, if I got a chance I would run a brothel. I have the business sense, life experience and imagination. Hmm…’should look into that….

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