Friday, 24 July 2009

Hey stupid…

I have a habit of overdoing things and running myself into the ground without even realizing I am at the point of doing it. I tend to consider myself invincible. No, really I am. But my body told me otherwise today with a classic ‘hey stupid’ alarm. I knew it was aching and I knew I was tired but suddenly I felt this massive wave of weariness and nausea hit me brick wall style. I dragged my arse home from work, thankfully Patrick, my car, knows the way - and I slept for 4 hours - in the middle of the day!!! I never do that. It’s outrageous! Part of me considers it a huge waste of time. The things I could have done in that time. Anyway, I live to fight another day and have re-generated enough to run myself back into the ground once more.

After I got up from sleeping –bizarro world – I started to read a book. I don’t do that enough any more. Anyway, I gave up on it by the third chapter. Why? Because I don’t want to read about some heroine with ‘porcelain skin’, a waist ‘a man’s hand can span and meet’, an ‘air of elegance that only the most beautiful women have,’ and the ‘face of an angel’ Oh fuck - seriously? Who is this broad? Not even Barbie is all that. This author wrote very well, but I’m a real woman and I want to read about real women – flaws and all. Yes, sure romance books are all about fantasy but the heroine was too ‘fantastical’ for me. I was scared the hero was going to break her in half, get tried for her murder and then end up in a jail cell with prison tattooist Bubba who becomes his boyfriend. I say to avoid a jail sentence for the hero - get some meat on the heroine’s bones, teach her to swear and send her off to deal with real life stuff like work and home and family and let’s see how porcelain that skin remains. Great writing…unbelievable heroine.
Be an Amarinda book


Sandra Cox said...

Are you feeling better?
I personally like beautiful sexy heroines but I also want real life flaws to make them believable.