Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Goal one: - sleep with a vampire…

I was sitting at work today thinking about various things - oh crap no, not work stuff – personal stuff - and it hit me. I need to do something to shake my life up. I need a change of direction, karma or chi or some other new age philosophy to get out of this rut I am in. What to do? What to? I decided I would set some goals. I’m not big on goals due to the posts always moving but…

Goal one: - sleep with a vampire. This is probably one of the best goals I have ever had. I like the whole concept of vampires. I like intense, deep, dark thinking, complicated men. A vampire would be good as you would not have to deal with him all day – only at night. I also don’t want long term commitment and I think vampires probably get around a bit so I’m thinking wild sex for a couple of intense weeks and then he would go off looking for new blood…so to speak. So this is a doable goal.

Goal two: - go blonde. This is a totally irrational, dumb-arsed goal but they’re usually the ones I’m best at. I think I would look scary-good blonde.

Goal three: - get a tattoo. I spent some - okay a lot - of work time talking to colleagues who have tatts. They gave me the lowdown on what to expect, what to ask for and prices. Yes, it's going to be painful but I'm pretty damn tough. I like the idea of a butterfly design. See attached pictures. Of course I had to send these around to every female friend I knew to get their opinion. Yes, it was in work time but I'll be rearranging furniture at home tonight for positive feng shui so I can’t do it in my time. I'm busy. Anyway, all friends and colleagues reckon it’s an excellent goal.

However – and there always is one – Hugh, my personal trainer pointed out that my tatt goal wasn’t smart at the moment. He’s into goals. He always asks me mine and before this my only goal had been to try and read the manual to find out how to get the back windscreen wiper on Patrick, my car, working. No, I haven’t done it yet. Why? Because it’s a boring goal. Anyway I told Hugh the vampire – blond – tatt goal. The first two he just rolled his eyes at. He doesn’t think vampires exist. Ha! My turn to eye roll him. He asked where I was getting the tatt. I told him. He shook his head and said no. He then grabbed my thigh - not many men are allowed to do that and still live - where the tatt would go, and pointed out that although I had lost a lot of fat, had a lot of muscle and I was really strong – he’s right – I could kick Zena Warrior Woman’s arse – that if I got a tatt now it would be distorted by the time I had toned right down. Bummer. I had heard that could happen. I hate it when people point out the obvious.

I told him, I would wait – but I was still going to sleep with a vampire. He said if he wanted a proper goal that I could do the city to the bridge run. To my mind if the bridge can’t come to me, then I’m not running to the bridge.

I like this politically incorrect quote – a friend sent it to me today -

Men are all the same - they just have different faces, so we can tell them apart.
Be an Amarinda book


Anny Cook said...

Excellent goals. I will keep track of them for you...just to nudge you along.

Sandra Cox said...

I like the quote and your goals. A bud at work is apprenticing to do tatoos. Come to the states to get it done.