Monday, 6 July 2009

How long…

…do you think you should pine for someone? My personal belief is no more than two weeks because lets face it if they were dumb enough to leave you or upset you then hell honey, they don’t deserve any more of your time. Even a week would work. Why? Because life is too damn short to deal with people who don’t understand you. So cry, scream, eat your weight in chocolate and drink too many margaritas and then move on. Basically – fuck ‘em – it’s their loss.

Why am I bringing this up? A couple of reasons, while working on the current book I have had to constantly stop writing and slap myself around the head when my heroine gets too caught up in being pissed off with her ex-lover. You know, I need the angst as a reason why there is no way she wants to deal with the hero but sometimes as I write madly away, the character starts getting too angst ridden for me. If it was real life and the heroine was a friend, I would want to slap her and tell her to get a grip. There’s a real fine line between the plot and oh-my-god-is-this-heroine-an-idiot-over-this-man-or-what? I’m trying very hard to keep her away from idiot status….fingers crossed.

The other reason? I have been talking to a friend who I can only equate to as being a soap opera character. Strange thing is it never hit me before that he was. But he is exactly like one of these characters who takes up with woman after woman and loves them all and ‘deeply cares’ about them then he loses them. Before all this happens, he does the whole ‘I’m listening to you’ thing very well – you know that’s the deal when he repeats back word for word what the woman said making her think he is very sensitive and in tune with her. This is followed by drama – the angst ridden sort you get in soap operas. Pining happens next when they’re no longer in his life – that is until he looks for and finds the next woman he has ‘tender feelings’ for. You know, on the whole I think he’s pretty harmless and maybe a little dopey.

What is it with soap opera-like men and women? They love in an emotionally exhausting manner which everyone else can see is doomed or dumb and yeah, I think most of them probably have the whole staring meaningfully out into the distance thing down pat. They’re not bad people – they’re just not rational and I believe they get hurt too often and confuse the rest of us in the process. Can I suggest if you find yourself staring meaningfully into the distance – stop it – life is not The Bold and the Beautiful.

Check out the commercial below…a classic soap opera man....reminds me of my friend...
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Sandra Cox said...

Emotions can certainly be exhausting. Your heroine wouldn't dare get too piney.
Love the pic by the way.