Saturday, 11 July 2009

Oh yes…yes…yes…

So, I had to haul arse to work extra early this morning to check the company bank statement to see if a cheque had gone rubber. Now, I deal with money and cheques everyday and I knew the cheque was okay. It had passed the number of days for rubberbility…ok, maybe not a real word but that thing is I knew it was good. Enter man with power struggle issues. He wanted to leave it one more day I think to prove me wrong. Whatever. I sighed, rolled my eyes and wrote yesterday’s blog about men wanting to throw cars into trees. Anyway, naturally when I got in to work this morning – early – the cheque had not bounced. Well duh – told you so. I told who I had about the cheque and what they could do with it and then I wandered over to the café and got my normal extra strong, large skinny latte. There I was offered in a whisper and a furtive look the opportunity of ‘an orgasm.’ I looked at my watch and thought - sure – why not – I’m up for an orgasm.

I was then handed a spoon and told to dig in. My god – they were right. It was an orgasm and suddenly 6:55am was looking pretty damn good. We oohh and ahhh and declared there was no way a man could possibly compete. What was it? Luscious-arse-widening-but-who-gives-a-fuck-cheesecake. I was seduced and forced – no really, I’m pretty sure I was forced – to eat it. And – let’s face it, there is no answer but ‘yes’ when someone’s asks you to taste test something. Actually, I’m pretty lucky – I get offered all sorts of things to try at the café before anyone else – and cheesecake before 7am is indeed orgasmic. And oh, yeah, I eventually went back to work with a smile on my face. Seriously, eat cheesecake before 7am and there is really no reason you need a man….except if you want to put a car in a tree of course…they’re good at that.

I love this song – I hear it all the time at the gym...and oh hey – I’ve taken up kick boxing. I like it a lot. And this song - it’s not the slightest bit weak or submissive. It’s all about power and every woman has it…and it if you don’t there’s always cheesecake baby.
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