Thursday, 16 July 2009

Where is the love?

I have to tell you I am quite relieved that the Viagra email snipers have found my email address once more. I was a little upset because I felt they no longer cared about my penis. Okay - yes – sure, I don’t have a penis but the thing is I was feeling a little left out. You know you get inundated with crap email telling you how much they care about your length and width – and then nothing. They disappear. Where’s the caring and sharing gone? But now they’re back and their offers are so whizz-bang exciting that I only wish I had an appendage I could try the “miracle penis thickening pills,” the “power in your hands exercises” (seems you don’t need a partner for that one) and “make her yours cream” on. I reckon if you have to go that far, it’s a dead cert she was never going to be yours.

Since we’re on the subject…

Scientists find 'world's oldest willy'

Australian scientists have confirmed the oldest penis-like structure in an ancient fish specimen.

We were surprised because it's so big," she says. "We were expecting something smaller."

Hmmm…isn’t that last sentence usually said the other way around?

Nope, size does not matter. It’s all about heart and imagination. Go be imaginative and dazzle someone with whatever equipment you have.
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Sandra Cox said...

You are too funny.