Sunday, 5 July 2009

Rambulations…chapter 67…


Here’s the cover for Lickety Split. It’s out early August. Isn’t he lovely…er, I mean isn’t the cover lovely? I’m most pleased with him…it…the cover…you know. What’s Lickety Split about? Well it’s about ice cream and all the lovely things you can do with it…and you can eat it as well.

And ‘struth – I also got a contract on the pure Aussie book I sent off. They said they wanted pure Aussie speak and characters so I took ‘em at their word – and stone the crows they said yes. I did put a glossary in so maybe that helped. Just think if you buy the book you’ll all be speaking true blue Aussie in no time, cobber, sheila, mate, Bruce. It’s just bonza.

Then - I got an email from someone who would not know if their arse was on fire. No seriously. You would have to tap them on the shoulder and say ‘excuse me but you’re bottom appears to be in flames. You may want to consider doing something about that.’ It made my so angry that I simply refuse to deal with it. Just say no to idiots is my theory. Breathe in breathe out…ignore the drongo.

Defibne me not...

· define - specify: determine the essential quality of
· define - give a definition for the meaning of a word; "Define `sadness'"
· define - determine the nature of; "What defines a good wine?"
· define - show the form or outline of; "The tree was clearly defined by the light"; "The camera could define the smallest object"
· define - specify: decide upon or fix definitely; "fix the variables"; "specify the parameters"

I don’t get this need people seem to have of late to announce they are ‘defined’ or ‘need to be defined’ by something. What is that about?

- My job defines me
- He defines me
- I must find something to define my place in the universe.

I find the whole defining thing exhausting. When did we stop being our human, hazy, less than defined selves? Yes, I know it’s all about ambition and getting ahead and belonging to something that makes you feel good, smarter or the whole goals deal - but holy crap you can do all that without having to announce you have or will define yourself. All this specifying and determining and outlining your plans and goals and needs sounds painful. I worry that we are losing our characters and our quirkiness in the black and white world of defining. Why can’t we just continue to colour outside the lines and aim for okay or pretty good or wander into fantastic and be comfortable with that? Where has the surprise gone in life?

Maybe it’s just me but I like hazy, quirky people who lack definition and clarity and seem to stumble from one thing to another sometimes succeeding, sometimes failing. I like the whole human experience where people are less than perfect and just do the best they can without worrying about fitting in with the whole trend of finding definition. To my mind nothing or no one can define you. You are who you are. You are unique and I think that’s pretty damn good and nothing can beat individuality. Define me? I’m just fine as I am.

I define nothing. Not beauty, not patriotism. I take each thing as it is, without prior rules about what it should be.” -- Bob Dylan

Damn straight Bob.
Be an Amarinda book