Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Sooky la la…

Do you think we are less tough than we used to be? I ask this because of late it seems to me that so many people are whining about…

- Things not being fair
- They’re not the favourite
- Everyone else gets stuff but they don’t
- They’re being picked on.
- They are the only one without money.
- It’s a conspiracy against only them.

To this I say – stop being a sooky la la. What is a sooky la la? Well, ‘sook’ is a cry baby and la-la…well…I’m sure someone thought it sounded good with sooky.

Anyway – fairness. Fuck all is fair in life and if you haven’t worked that out yet then you’re in trouble. You’re not the favourite? Is anyone? How do you know? Other people get stuff? Well, stop whinging and go and get stuff too. Don’t wait for someone to hand it to you because they probably won’t. Picked on? Seriously, any adult that tells me this is no adult. No money? Yep, the world economy sucks. Everyone is in the same leaky boat. Everyone, unless they’re a blonde heiress, has to budget for stuff that happens or didn’t happen when it was expected to. We all do that. Conspiracy against you? Only in your mind.

I cannot fathom why some people think they are worse off than others and have to tell you how ‘terrible’ their life is without realising they are speaking to another human being with the same problems. Where has the fortitude gone? Why aren’t we girding our loins and getting on with life? Why are we whining about things that ‘should’ have happened and haven’t? I don’t understand it. Has your life ever run smooth? Have you been handed everything you wanted? Nope - me neither. You deal, you move on and you grit your teeth. You take a hit - you toughen up. You don’t instantly hate because you cannot have.

So stop the onset of sooky la la…it’s tiring and you’re not Robinson Crusoe.
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Sandra Cox said...

Love the pic.
Got to admit, I can get a pretty good whine on going once in awhile:)