Monday, 27 July 2009

Romance? Meh…

I’m finding it really hard at the moment to write romance. I’m writing all around it and skipping the lovey-dovey bits. Why? Because I don’t believe in romance at the moment. That the concept of romance and everyone wanting to be in love exists – okay – sure – I get that. People like to do silly things. And let’s face it, how would we sell greeting cards, flowers and movies without the romance thing? Like yesterday’s blog on sex and prostitution, romance is a big seller. Get rid of the idea of romance and that would crush part of the global economy. That people are happy and blindly in love I understand. It’s like the common cold, we all get over it eventually or we prolong it and do something dumb like move in together or get married til’ death do us part. Scary stuff romance, huh? And is there a point to romance other than the economy and germs? Well…nah, I don’t believe so.

That’s my dilemma. I currently see romance as a commodity or an illness that affects your brain. Yes, bad ju-ju for a romance writer because the heroine can’t send the hero back with a sticker on his head asking for a refund when she’s sick of him nor can she buy an elixir that cures her from wanting him…besides if there was one of those you just know it would be fattening. And there is no way she can avoid the hero for most of the book just because she worked out he never understood her and that his agenda and hers were incompatible. It would make the book awkward. You’re supposed to get them together and keep them together no matter what dumb stuff they do to each other. That’s you’re job as a writer. But then – that’s romance for you – real or written – it’s awkward. Never mind – I’ll find my romance mojo soon…must be here somewhere….maybe in my sock drawer…

So – Monday once more. The plan of action today…ignore all work phone calls particularly those from a certain number…well, why make the day any harder? My excuse? Oh, I didn’t realize you rang. You rang two dozen times? Oh dear…was it important? I’m sure you coped…you’re so big and strong and smart…yes, when all else fails rely on bullshite to maintain sanity.
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Sandra Cox said...

Been there done that on the romance thing. Good luck. You'll conquer it in your own indomitable way.