Thursday, 11 June 2009

As dodgy as a two bob watch…

I'm ordering stuff to send to Ellora's Cave Romanticon - what's that? Click here. Its promo giveaways. Anyway I rang a company about the pen offer they sent me. Pens are good. People always want pens. I have a plethora – don’t you love that word – in my handbag. So I got this bloke on the other end of the phone line. He had an American accent. Hmmm, the website indicated it was a 100% Aussie company. I was confused who I was dealing with so I sussed him out.

Bloke – Yes ma’am, it’s an Australian company
***I have to tell you straight away Aussies rarely ‘ma’am’ you and only an Aussie can say Oz-trail-yun properly.
Amarinda - Where are you?
B- In the US
A – And this is Aussie company?
B – Yes ma’am
A - Uh–huh…okay, so if I go with this pen offer can you ship my order within the US to a convention?
B- No ma’am
A - Why not?
B - The pens are made in Ireland
A – For an Aussie company?
B - Yes ma’am
A - I see (I didn’t) Can they ship them to the US from Ireland?
B - No - because they ship them via Belgium then Asia then to you.
A – I’m no geographical expert but wouldn’t it be simpler to go straight to the US from the UK?
B - It's not the policy of this company
A - That's an Aussie company right?
B – Yes ma’am
A - With US employees?
B - That's right.
A - Does this Aussie company have a base actually in Australia?
B – No ma’am
A - But you're a 100% Australian company?
B - Yes ma’am

Ma’am my arse. What a load of bullshit. The thing is I couldn’t give a rat's bottom what nationality anyone is but why would a US company working through Ireland with a stopover in Belgium try to convince me - an Aussie -that they were 100 % Australian? They’re about as Australian as I am a natural blonde. So what do they get out of this because I’m pretty damn sure a lot of Aussies would have the same reaction. I’m very loyal to my country. I will try and buy Australian made to support Aussie workers and industry. I’m sure you all do the same with your own countries. And, as we would say in Australia – ‘don’t pee on my head and tell me it’s raining’ – you can’t be something you’re not. Australian? I don’t bloody think so sunshine. Lordy what a dodgy, drongo company. And yes, I ended up buying from an Aussie company with an Aussie shelia on the line who said ‘yeah, no worries mate.’ Now that gives me confidence in who I am paying for what.
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Sandra Cox said...

Yes, plethora is a good word.
Talk about 'world' economy. They didn't miss too many countries did they?