Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Stop it, Enrique…

Okay this song is annoying the hell out of me. Every time I’m in Patrick – my car – this seems to come on the radio. I think someone at the radio station has ‘issues’…click here

I can be your hero, baby,” Enrique spruiks…Really? Seriously? Oh please. Why does ‘baby’ need a hero? And more to the point why does anyone have to save anyone? Can’t ‘baby’ save herself?

Yes, possibly I’m in a pissy mood but, forgetting that, I have never believed women want a hero. Why not? Because women are more than capable of looking after themselves and while women crave romance they don’t require some man to turn up and make everything instantly better. Why not? Because you can’t lay that burden at any man’s feet. No one can sort out anyone else’s problems. That’s asking too much. Oh sure, they can wander along and help but to my mind a hero – in the true sense of the word – is more than a romantic ideal. A hero is someone who has the courage to step forward when others falter in the face of adversity. Now sure, some women can be hell to deal with – i.e – PMS - but that’s not being heroic for a man is it? That’s just a death wish.

Yes, I know it’s just a song. But who thinks up these songs? And why? Are they catering to a niche of women who sit and sigh and think “if only ‘he’ was in my life, everything would be great.” Bollocks. No real woman thinks like that. Its such old fashioned thinking perpetuated by stereotypical mass marketing aimed at making women feel inadequate in handling life on their own without a man. See how one little song makes me mad? And no, not all romance writing has the heroine needing a man to make her life ‘complete.’ He may make it more enjoyable, as she does for him, but in my books, and others, she would be just as capable on her own.

The thing is – go with me on this or not – I believe women want a sensible, practical, romantic man who has a good sense of humour, can take orders and just be there when required and bugger off (leave) when not. No one should have to save anyone in a relationship. Be your own hero.

Okay – now that I have the said my piece on Enrique and his bloody song…contest…I have one – see below. Yes, you can enter. It’s a piece of piss (‘easy’ in Aussie speak). I have been most impressed and outright amused by some of the entries. So go for it…
Be an Amarinda book


Sandra Cox said...

I agree, though I do think we all need the image of heroes, men and women in the service, fire men and women, etc. Everyday folks that can step up to the plate when others falter.