Wednesday, 3 June 2009


So someone I know, let’s call her Polly, did something really dumb dumb it had us both laughing. We were emailing each other back and forth at work because we could. Isn’t that why we have work email? To communicate with other workers? Anyway Polly is in a lousy situation at work. They sacked her then reinstated her on less hours. It's a real mongrel move. She has no idea where she stands any more. Anyway, she had been putting up with a lot of crap from her bosses. I am happy to let her vent via email or on the phone. I believe sometimes you just need to pour out every frustration and who better than a friend to do it with. The only problem with this is when you are emailing all your angst, complete with swear words and where certain people can stick things in what orifices, that maybe you should check whose email address you are sending it to. She meant to send this very graphic email to me. Yep – you guessed it - she sent it to her boss…the one she was pissed at…oh dear…

I received a frantic phone call at work from her. As I listened to what she did I had the urge to burst out laughing as it was so crazy and I could only imagine what her boss would have made of it. Polly asked "What do I do?" Well exactly – what do you do when you’ve told your boss he’s a complete waste of space and tosser? So I laughed then. So did she. Well, you’re really screwed aren’t you when you do something like this. The boss has it - you sent it - no doubt he has read it and he is now wondering if you are mad or just sexually inventive as to where he can shove his stapler. There's only one option I can see in a circumstance like this – admit to it - burst into tears and play the frustration/hysteria card. The good thing is her boss is male. Men hate tears. It's a very powerful weapon for a woman to have. She rang me after she left work for the day. No word back from her boss. I said ‘cheer up – he probably just assumes you’re insane and maybe he’s not going to make any false moves in case you go postal.’ See? Insanity at work can be an excellent excuse if tears don’t work.
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