Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Thar be crocs....

I went on this fabulous, peaceful Eco cruise today out of Cairns, through Trinity waterways. The sun was shining, the breeze was just light enough and the scenery fantastic. And, all of those people in my mobile (cell) phone book all got a picture of a wild crocodile that we saw. And no, despite many suggestions sent back to me, I decided not to climb overboard and pat it. We then went to a crocodile farm. I'll be honest. I had no idea what to expect. Crocs yes, but - and this is how dumb and city girl I am, it did not occur to me that they killed these crocs so Hermes in Paris could sell handbags to rich ladies. I was quite appalled. But, after a while, my practical, common sense kicked in. It's a business. It's like killing cows for leather or other animals as food to eat. So, I was both appalled - the soft, rarely ever seen side - while the hard, business side could see the profit in it for the company and the state. Never seen so many crocs. Quite fascinating and I took lots of photos to bore you with when I get home. 'Spent the rest of the arvo swimming, lounging and wandering the streets of Cairns. So this is what relaxation is...amazing Grace.

Tomorrow I am going on the Kuranda Sky rail - train thingy - basically it's high up in the rain forest...maybe something like a bazillion feet. I hate heights. I am you're basic screaming, clutching onto anything that's close ninny when I encounter them. So, I plan to gird my loins, slap myself around the head somewhat and go up in the sky rail. Why? Because I would be a wimp not to. Will I be scared? Oh hell yeah..



Sandra Cox said...

Wow what a day. And may I just add:) even though I'm not a croc fan, I'm no more in favor of killing them for handbags then I am of killing cows for a steak or handbag.
Enjoy? the Sky rail. Cairns sounds fascinating.

Amarinda Jones said...

Yeah - I have to admit I was quite appalled for about 30 mins but then my Jones genetically inclined business sense kicked in....I'm very yin and yang on stuff...bad Amarinda...mind you if one of those big bastards was heading at me and I had a gun I would have no hesitation in making him into a handbag

Anny Cook said...

Oh, that sounds interesting! And the sky trail... wow! I'm with you on the heights, but if you're inside... maybe that won't be too bad. Glad you're having a good time!