Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Odds and sods...

The cover gods sent me another beaut cover for I Don’t Think So. Again, it is exactly what I asked for. Big kiss to the Ellora’s Cave cover gods. What’s I Don’t think So About? A warlock who has to subdue a woman who’s not about to be put in her place.


Fear of Being is an erotic novel unlike any other I have read. With hot sex scenes, a paranormal twist, and a happily-ever-after, it’s a must read for 2009 – just be prepared to take a cold shower. Ms. Jones has created a book in which women can be found desirable regardless of their weight. It was a refreshing change to see a heroine who wasn’t a size 4. An action packed tale, Fear of Being is sure to have you turning page after page waiting to see what happens next.

Available August 2009 by Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Yeah, Fear of Being is not due until August with Whiskey Creek Torrid – I'm awaiting the cover - but I got a review already and it’s a good one – evidence I don’t suck completely…at least not today…maybe tomorrow. So Fear of Being – what’s it about? It’s a ménage/romance/creepy book based on a recurring nightmare I keep having…yeah – weird huh? I never said I was normal…

A moment to vent…

Does it make you mad when you pour out your feelings to someone and they just don’t get it? You say things that are so intensely personal and make you want to cry and they just say something so dumb that you just want to scream. Do you just sit there and think –
are you even listening? Did you ever listen? Was it all just an act for you? How dumb was I?

Do you notice that never happens in romance novels? I can see why people read ‘em. It’s because the hero isn’t as thick as two short planks and although he may be average and flawed he at least understands that the heroine just needs to get things out into the open and that it’s not always about him – it’s about her and her need to be selfish for five seconds and just say stuff so she can move on and breathe a little easier. Do you notice the hero never fobs her off? He listens. Why is that? Because the majority of romance books are written by women or by men who have a clue. They get women. They understand that not everything is an e=mc2 equation that has to be solved in an a-b-c-manner and that emotion isn’t always rational and that sometimes the need to just get something off your chest is more important then trying to keeping everything on a even keel.

I don’t hate men. I just understand them less and less as the years go by. I don’t want a man to solve my problems. I would just like one man, without an agenda, who listens and actually appreciates, and not necessarily agrees with, what I say. I am beginning to believe he only exists in romance novels. This probably accounts for the fact the less people marry and more people live alone – check your local census - and yet romance novels are always popular – it’s all because e=mc2 is not the solution to every problem. Actual listening is. So, when you want to scream, read a book. It’s easier than dealing with a brick wall.
Be an Amarinda book


Anny Cook said...

Wonderful cover--as usual! Looking forward to Fear of Being, also.

As for men listening...not in this universe, as far as I can tell.

Amarinda Jones said...

I believe when Martians eventually land they will bring with them a book and it will explain how men think and we'll all go ' it."

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Martians have the answer to how men think. In my experience, they've just never been taught that skill and aren't interested in learning it. Thanks to the authors, we have men who actually "listen".

Great cover as always.


Lisa J said...

We had this conversation at work on Friday. Men hear your problem and then they want to solve it. They just don't get that we want them to listen and sympathize (like a woman would), tell us we're a good person (like a woman would), not tell us what to do to solve it.

I worked with a guy once who said, "Face it, men are scum." Sad, but sometimes very true.