Saturday, 6 June 2009

The important things in life….

…I was trying on this pair pants at Target yesterday…they were too big – yay me…anyway, while I was mentally high fiving myself, I looked at my thighs in the mirror. Holy snapping ducks! Oh the horror! Is it legal to have that much cellulite? And that arse? Is that mine or did someone follow me into the changing room – the room with the ghastly bright lighting that should be outlawed? And why are all the mirrors so realistic? Why can’t changing rooms have mirrors with the funhouse obscure effect? You know – blurry, thinning, maybe not there…

But – in reality none of that’s important is it? Fat thighs and a fat arse do not mean a great deal in the scheme of thing…other than you always have something comfortable to sit on. What are the important things? Well there’s lots of stuff… chocolate can be very important…but at the moment I’m concentrating on people….ooh chocolate people would be excellent wouldn’t they? All that licking and biting…though some people don’t have to be made of chocolate for that…hmmmanyway…back to the topic… people – you know I realized once more how lucky I am this week. I have people who unconditionally understand me and will slap me around the head if I lose the plot and panic. That’s important. You need people who will shake their head and tell you to get a grip, who will lie for you or who will make you feel good with just a simple phone call or email. Speaking of emails…I cannot begin to express my appreciation at all the readers who have read my free book – Who Knew – and emailed or messaged me to tell me how much they enjoyed it and other books. You have made my week and I cannot thank you enough. I am quite gobsmacked by the response.

Thank you