Sunday, 14 June 2009

Deep breath out...

I have been worrying about something so much that it occurred to me last night that it was tying me up in the tightest knots. Yes, a normal person would have accepted this as a bad thing long ago but hey – I’m not normal and I always just assume I can handle everything that comes my way. Therefore it was a stunning realization to me, last night when I couldn’t sleep, that I can’t. Well damn. I’m not invincible. So the answer? Stop worrying. I am normally not someone who worries. But suddenly I have become one. I don’t like this weakness. You know when someone says ‘don’t worry’ – yeah – that used to be me – it’s easy to say when it’s not specific to you. I have learned though that I will not ever say that to anyone ever again. The shoe has most definitely been on the other foot and I get it now. Ah – the epiphanies of life – they just keeping slapping you in the head over and over until you get it don’t they? So I have let go of that which worries me and I can breathe a little easier.

So, determined to remain worry free, I’m off to have lunch with 2 friends today – Katie and Ethel. It feels like I have known them forever. They’re the sort of people that you don’t have to explain every little thing to and it’s like picking up a conversation that never ends. There’s great peace in that. There is no worry or pretence. You can just be and relax.

Have a soft, soulful Sunday. I fly out to Cairns tomorrow so I’ll make an effort, in between margaritas by the pool, to waddle in and write a blog about the fabulousness of Cairns.
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Anny Cook said...

Oh, have a wonderful lunch! And a wonderful vacation!

As for the epiphany... yeah, sometimes it happens like that!