Friday, 12 June 2009

X - me

Let your greatest fear be that there is no PMS and this is just your personality.”

It's Friday in Oz and I only have to get through today and I have a week off from work. Hallelujah and pass the gin. I haven't had a real holiday in 10 years. Usually I have been moving, working, renovating or in hospital. Yes, can you hear the violins? Anyway I reallllly need a week off. Yes, yes, we all do – you should too - go ahead do it. You have my permission - go and quote my name as a reference. At Promptel (code name for crap phone company I used to work for) we always had to get permission to do anything in that job. Why? Just to make our lives miserable.

There was a string of numbers starting with a C that had to be obtained to do anything like have a decision approved and the staff were always wandering in despair trying to find a manager to get approval and the magical C number. As managers, their job was to be as scarce as possible when a decision had to be made. This would frustrate the hell out of good staff. I say good staff as all the bad staff simply made up C numbers. What did the C stand for? Cantaloupe? Crap? Crud? I don't know. I was quite fond of making up X numbers as approvals – X19 was a favourite of mine. Why? Just because I could. The thing was no one ever queried my use of this illegal X number. This proves my theory that all rules are made up by people with nothing else to do with their time other than making life hard for the average worker - so I say thwart them back.

Anyway if you need an X number for an approval - email me. I can X19 you.

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Anny Cook said...

Have a WONDERFUL holiday!!!

Sandra Cox said...

You have some excellent quotes there:) and entertaining blog as always.
I echo, Anny. You have a wonderful holiday, mate. Its going to be quiet around here without ya.