Monday, 22 June 2009


Isn’t this a lovely cover? Honest to god, the Ellora’s Cave Cover Gods spoil me rotten. I always get exactly what I ask for. I love it. Big kiss to the Cover Gods.

Okay, I have unpacked – sorta – and I found a bunch of souvenirs from Cairns to give away. So first prize - randomly drawn winner - will have….

Aussie thongs (flip flops)
An Aboriginal design printed T-shirt – XXL
A bottle holder
Pretty pink baseball cap
A sparkly tumbler…I bought one for myself as well – love it
A Kuranda Skyrail frog pencil
Boomerang fridge magnet
Cairns key ring
Leather and bead friendship bracelet from Kuranda. I bought heaps of these – I love ‘em.
And I’ll chuck in some Amarinda stuff as well…

The questions –

1. The Hard Man cover – what is the most noticeable thing about this cover – can be one of many answers
2. Where was I on holiday for a week? (see above and below – starts with ‘C’)

So – contest ends Saturday 28th June at midnight (EST USA). First winner drawn at random wins the stuff…so give it a go. Email me the answers

Back to work this cool, drizzly Monday morning...ah, reality….
Be an Amarinda book


lastnerve said...

Thanks for the AWESOME contest! I sent my email already.


Anonymous said...

Love the cover!

Anny Cook said...

Ooooh...a sparkly cup AND a frog pencil. Hmmmm. I wonder...

Caffey said...

Oh that cover sizzles!

Chris J. said...

That cover is smoking! But I still love the one for "Shiver Me", he is a Shiver me type man!! Just imagine the body naked like on "Hard Man" being with that face...oh yeah!!! The cover Goddess has blessed you!
Sounds like a awesome trip and one I would love to take myself!
Thank You for doing the contest and already emailed me answers!!

Sandra Cox said...

Welcome back.
I do love her shoes:)