Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Bright. Shiny. Objects.

Oh lordy, I had the concentration of a drunken gnat at work – any bright, shiny object diverted my attention – and everything required way too much thought. What’s that about? Why ask me hard work questions? I don’t know the answers. I’m the woman who decided it was too hard to buy paint for the bedroom and settled on buying low-fat yoghurt and flowers instead. What do I know? Okay, sure, technically I should have known something at work but you have to be in the mood to be knowledgeable and not be swayed by bright shiny objects. Hmmm….Bright. Shiny. Objects. Pretty.

I think this song sums up the day for me. It was just my dumb day…and yeah, maybe I have a few of those…
Be an Amarinda book


Sandra Cox said...

Boy, can I relate with that today.

Anny Cook said...

Loooove shiny things!