Thursday, 27 December 2007

The Thursday ramble on...

What the?

I was exercising – puke, spew – this morning and there was this American early breakfast show on. They were talking about the best way to return unwanted Christmas presents and get the money. Apparently, the minute you are handed a present and you see that you hate it, you have to refrain for opening it in any way so you can be assured of getting all the money for it as there is a ‘re-packaging fee’ if you open it. What the? I know I am a compete heathen but my understanding of Christmas is giving and not expecting to cash in on unwanted presents. Is this correct? Seems all very tacky to me…this leads me to…

Pet peeves...

- Child proof lids – I think you should be asked do you have a child? If not then you get the product without the impossibly hard lid to remove.

- People who have the inability to say thank you and please – what do good manners cost you?

- Pushing ahead of someone else to get served – don’t do it around me. Save yourself the embarrassment of being called on it

- Hearing someone describe someone else as “she’d be attractive if she’d lose weight.” Again, avoid humiliation to yourself and don’t say it

- Cigarette butts – smoke if you want to. That’s up to you but throw the butts in the bin. Why the hell do we need to walk around in your garbage?

Amarinda highlights today …

- bought champagne and a 3 kilo bag of carrots
- Interviewed a potential employer. Not sure how I feel about them. I was fantastic as always.
- Fell over a pile of shoes in my bedroom, split my lip and bruised my chin. It was a pretty good stack (fall) and I would give it a 7 out of 10. No, I wasn’t drunk and eating carrots.
- Broke my Rocky Horror Picture Show cassette tape that I have had for yonks (years). Quel tragedy! How am I supposed to listen to Dammit Janet now?
- Cheered when the Postie zoomed past on his motorbike as that meant no mail and that equalled no bills. Woo hoo!
-Listened to an acquaintance who rang to tell me how bored she was. After five minutes I told her to get a grip and that no one was guaranteed excitement in life. She hung up in a huff. Problem solved. She is boring.

- Exercised for another 30 minutes and watched some cute American sitcom while I did. I have resolved never to be
- Ate 6 carrots. Tonight I will wander out in the backyard and check my night vision. I should have x-ray vision by now.
- Was gob smacked that Patch is back on Days of Our Lives. Didn’t he die 15 years ago?
- Did absolutely nothing meaningful - that I recognized it wasn’t meaningful is probably something meaningful in itself if you get what I mean.
-Wrote lots, procrastinated much and wandered aimlessly around the house while I tried to think up words. Managed to get pukeable, bunny boiler and penially challenged into the book. Quite pleased with that. My Editor is on hols so it’s a surprise for when she gets back
- Thought about cleaning – but the feeling passed thankfully.

Justin and Miranda in Because I Can…

“Hello Ellen,” Miranda said as she stepped out of the lift on the eighth floor. Ellen looked mighty pissed off at her. It appeared she had not gotten over the naked Justin Hale thing. Miranda had barely gotten over it herself.
“You can go in,” the woman snapped.
Okay then, no Christmas card from Ellen this year. Always good to know where you stood with people.
“Anyone else in there? Have you got a spare whip and chair?”
Ellen ignored her.
Miranda straightened her shoulders and knocked extremely softly on the door. No answer. Excellent. Time to scurry home.
“I’ll come back later. Ellen, please pencil me in for six months from now.” Miranda turned to flee, in the most dignified and ladylike way possible that did not include flinging her shoes off and running for her life. The office door flung open.
Justin Hale smiled at Miranda Marshall. Oh, the plans he had.
“Hello Miranda.” He courteously, yet firmly placed his hand on her arm. “So nice of you to return to see me.”
“Like I had a choice,” she almost said. The dangerous gleam in his eye would have sent a saint into a panic. Miranda was no saint.
“I can’t stay long as I’m now on overtime and I don’t want to eat into Promptel’s profits.” Even primly said, the words did not sound the slightest bit sincere.
Justin knew Miranda did not give a rat’s ass about company profits.
“I don’t mind paying overtime for you, Miranda.” He turned to look at his personal assistant. “Ellen, I won’t need you for the rest of the day.” He pulled Miranda inside the office.
Ellen directed a nasty little look at Miranda. Clearly the woman had no sense of humor.
“Won’t you need Ellen to take notes or something?” Miranda asked as the door slammed shut behind them and it was only her and Justin.
“You are a bitch,” Justin said succinctly.
“And your point is?” And why was he running his finger back and forth across her arm with that wicked look in his eyes? It was awfully distracting behavior for a business meeting.
“You upset Ellen.”
“If she saw you naked then you upset her, not me.” Miranda turned to pull away from him. He was too close, too hot and too damn male. “I gotta go home I need to watch the evening news.” An awful war or ghastly disaster would take her mind off Justin Hale.
Justin pushed her back up against her the door and slid his body tight up against hers. He smiled as she gasped at the close, intimate contact.
“You’re not going anywhere.”
Miranda felt his hot, solid body up against hers pinning her to the door. That he wanted her was only too evident. This was definitely a déjà vu moment. She cleared her throat nervously and attempted to calmly look him in the eye.
“So I take it I’m here to discuss the staff complaints?”
“No Miranda, you are here to have sex until you can’t stand.”

Could she stand afterwards? Hmmm….

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Sandra Cox said...

I'm extremely sorry you fell but glad you have a pile of shoes to trip over. You inspire me, I WILL start exercising. Well put:you interviewed your prospective employer.

Anny Cook said...

Ah, AJ, you made me smile! Love that excerpt from Because I Can. Loved the scene before that, too!

Hope your face feels better!

Bronwyn's Blog said...

So sorry about your face, Amarinda - but wow...I'm impressed by the exercising -and the excerpt!